In December of 1990, the Association of Speech-Language Pathologists – Speech Therapists in Cyprus was registered officially.  Eleven years later, and after the vote from the House of Representatives in Cyprus on the About Registering Speech-Language Pathologists-Logopedists-Speech Therapists Law 136 (Ι)/2001, the Association was renamed to the Cyprus Association of Speech-Language Pathologists. The profession of the SLP is part of the health professsions and is under the juristiction of the Ministry of Health.


Since 1996, the Association organized every year an “Awareness Week” with various events geared towards informing the public on matters of Speech and Language.  Usually the topics revolved around what the job of an SLP is, the various types of disorders, early intervention, and other topics. Members of the Association were hosted on various informative programs on television and on the radio and also organized lectures and events where informative leaflets were distributed. 


Since 2006, the “Awareness Week” was replaced by the “European Speech Therapy Day” which was established by the Standing Liaison Committee of Speech and Language Therapists/Logopedists in the European Union (CPLOL) to take place every year on March 6.  Cyprus is represented in CPLOL by two members since 1998.  From 1998-2004  the Association was in the form of an observer, which means that the two representatives of the Association did not have the right to vote.  From 2004, when Cyprus became a member of the European Union, our representatives gained voting rights in CPLOL.


At the moment, the Association is made up of 595 registered members of whom 58% work in the private sector, 35% work at the Ministry of Education & Culture, 4% do not practice the profession, 2% work or study abroad and 1% work at the Ministry of Health.